Boys on Boys on Boys on Boys on Boys on Boys

by Evasive Backflip

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P4ked words on words on words on words on words. 7.0/10
Tonari No Seinfeld
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Tonari No Seinfeld The large track listing of Boys on Boys... serves to give a tour of the vast terrain Evasive Backflip covers. Not for the faint of heart or dull of mind. Favorite track: Chewbacca Speed Metal.
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Well, it sure has been a wild ride, folks. Evasive Backflip is almost two years old at this point (two years on new years 2015... or in February, we can't really remember) But here is the fruit of our labor! Our first full length ever:
Boys on Boys on Boys on Boys on Boys on Boys.


released October 17, 2014

Recorded, mastered and produced by Nate Amos of Grandpa Bay.

Tracks 5, 6 and 8 recorded by Matt Frank of Naked Ally Records.

Tracks 4 and 10 recorded live by Chris Lee of Young Camelot.

Illustration by Bridson Wills.

Live banter featuring (possibly) you!

Thanks to our family and friends who supported us
even when we sucked. We promise this doesn't.



all rights reserved


Evasive Backflip Chicago, Illinois

3 folks pick up instruments and lose their minds.

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Track Name: Chewbacca Speed Metal
They found you
On the Mountain
They found you
Crawling down sideways
And they found you
In the dark room
and they found you
Coughing up egg white
Cause slow motion
Dark chords divide
Time's just an Ocean
Swim, Drown, Rewind
Track Name: Snake
Run for it, you Snake
Track Name: Forbidden Funk (ft. Rageing Salaam)
My dad broke the Mothership Connection
Now I'm buying a one way ticket on The Grand Funk Railroad
Uncle Jam you're my final destination

Track Name: Final Destination 3 Part 2
Now, true love!
on my bed
in the night
Deep in your cell phone
There are texts
From five other guys

Straight face
Raw nerve
Eyes wide

Rise to my lengths
I'm a charm in disguise
Caught in your trap
Frightful ride
You're alright
Track Name: D. G. Dabe for Mayor
Mayor newly chosen
Wooed they hearts of all
Caught them by the neck, buried in his shot, send them away
Burning words are heard, covered up with silk, gone..
Motives wrapped in plastic, pieces set in place
Moving with the deed, carefully conceived, taking it's shape
Acid in the mouth, soaking up the tongue, gone..

Bound to the ground
STOP trying so hard

D.G. Dabe:
Go head and follow, I'll lead you
Where ever your sweet heart desires,
Vent your spleen. vent your spleen for me!
And feed all the juices to me!

Bound to the ground
STOP trying so hard
Track Name: Dwarves Be Mining
We're tired of empty walls
We got a long long road ahead
These rocks, they never quit..
They got me diggin' at my head!

I'm made of tempered coal and anger
mix it well

But this time we are blessed
By a weapon from deep within
A voice says, "You're all slobs!
I'll pave a long, long road ahead!"

"I'm made of tempered coal and anger
Mix it well!"

"Vicious thoughts and thoughless lies
In your eyes, in your eyes.
You told me that all was fine,
You lied! and I lied.."

"Shut your fucking mouth, you're a traitor!
This is where we take the world with no retreat!
It's been a long time coming, but now we have a savior.
This metal prophet judges all with no belief!"

-Of course they sold your soul for seller's worth
I told you
Of course they sold it all and left you shit
So sorry
Track Name: Unmade Connections
Some days i want to smash my laptop, baptize my cell phone, disappear.
Some days i want to crash this hard drive, clear my head, unmake connections.
It's high time we exorcise this modems.
It's high time we scissor these wires.
Track Name: System of a Tribe Called Evasive
@#&#$(% (%*#

(Unintelligible garble)
Track Name: Baby I Got It
(Unintelligible garble)