Evasive Backflip's Turbo Chili Children

by Evasive Backflip

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Ted Curry
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Ted Curry Great jazz, funk, punk, and soundtrack vibes. Stellar follow up to their previous record "Pussy Up".
10/10 Highly Recommend Favorite track: Sit On My Face Captain Pastrami.
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P4ked if you wanna have the best acid trip, you should try playing star fox 2 on an emulator while listening to greener postures. it'll change your fucking life. 9.5/10
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After a year of playing a boat-load of shows, composing a soundtrack and mostly collaborating with other projects, Evasive Backflip has finally released a new full length. This time, the chums in Enhansive Fartsnip have aimed their sights on fresh territory and have also procured some new instruments (a double-neck guitar/bass, an old keyboard and an E-lectronic drum pad). Although the direction is different, their Evasive personality is ever-present. Constantly shifting, always evolving.
Produced by Brian Fox @ Two States Audio. Cover art by Nnamdi Ogbonnaya. Released by Grandpa Bay Recordings.


released August 29, 2016

Josh Huggins: Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Fan
Benjamin Karas: Drums, Electronics, Vocals
Jamarcus Drake: Doubleneck Guitar/Bass, Vocals, Loops



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Evasive Backflip Chicago, Illinois

3 folks pick up instruments and lose their minds.

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Track Name: Sit On My Face Captain Pastrami
I want it quick
They keep in governed
That makes me sick
But, I'll keep them sovereign
They twist my nips
They keep it playful
I need their touch
They keep me grateful

And as they give,
they gladly take
a quick pick of the pocket
and a gentle handshake
Handled by the state
sanctioned by the Faith
Stimulated, stiff and wet
they keep us in the Bay
sitting in a drink
we find ourselves terminally thirsty
Track Name: WaspspraY
Gotta ballbat off the mallrat,
Fuck this place, a case of coldpacks.
Push the asshat, cul-de-combat,
Nanny's backside on the bathmat.
Swat and miss and hit the range,
Mother might not sit for days.
Otis' face has quite the stain,
Right on his face, run old man!

Guess the flu is not for you two,
Broken mirror, crack the Roku,
Got my sight, align the clear view,
Now I traumatize the nephew.
Guess he knew to stay away,
Fuck with bees another day.
Motherfucker almost tried to sting my face,
Run, old man, run! Run! Run! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN!!
Track Name: Tony Two Tone and the Two Ton Tamale
People are automatons
The stars are holes in the sky

There's no parlay, fabergé
Track Name: David Byrney Kernel Sanders
Why don't i throw myself out the window?
I'm gunna sleep right here in the crawl space
I must of really let my hair down
And the people they talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk

Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk

Train ride
Time test
Light beam
Wants to arrive late
It's going to blind my eyes I'm being caught off guard, I'm going to Breathe out

The equations are there, but I lack the experience
My father took me out back and shot me through the eyes
My dog took my mother by the leash and set her free
Make haste
We shorten
We shrink

Correct me
Caress me
Ride me off the track!
Track Name: Brisket Bread and His Brief Best Western Breakfast Briefcase
Taking medication cause I'm anxious
Folding back the edges of my business cards
I'm making invitations for my parents
Tightly holding on to their birthday cards
Take me by surprise, blow the candles out
Softly sing separately through the silence
Track Name: Pull Your Pants Past the Pasta Apostle Possum
Cracking the egg, perilous yolk
Brunch time, not quite enough
Save the memories they’re
Passing you quick, rushing the door
Cut time, brash little move
South paw, smell the ashes
Call 4 your dog, give her my love
Regret pulling her leash
Not my, greatest moment
Pouring my heart, making mistakes
Call back, got the machine
Leave a message when I’m
Sucking my fist, playing it cool
Throw up dozens of worms
React never lonely
Track Name: Twubble at Mystewy Beash
Take my clothes off
Throw me down the hill
Someone's always rolling away

Cover me in all your rock and roll
Spread 'em, Insert, Test me, unclean

Too far
Not good
Slay me
Take me
Track Name: Fallout Tamagotchi
Hide the body
Under these floorboards
End their
Constant Calling
Hang them up by my tie

Gotta get a little (Bird off your shoulder)
Weak knees, rough night (Open the ribcage)
Gotta get a little (Bird off your shoulder)
Steel keys lock tight (Open the rib cage)
I took a little (Bird off your shoulder)
Poultry taste right (Open the rib cage)
I took a little (Bird off your shoulder)
No bleed, less light (Open the rib cage)
Track Name: Ben's Big Black Book of Banished Baby Names
Ol' Big Chubbo. Sundried fries for hands. White cotton Reeboks, and mammary glands. You're a homemade turkey. Potatoes and hams. All beef retreats, cheese, and calorie plans. You'll eat the feet of your maitenance man, and save for pie!

So hey slack-jawed smile. Your slobberin' frown tastes the meat and throws it back. I'd knock you down, just to roll you around, throw you into a wall and flatten almanacs.

Oh, bless yer heart...
Track Name: This Face Isn't Going to Sit On Itself
Draining my clip everyday
I'm numb
So dry
Filling you up gets me down
Let's turn that around

I'm hung like a noose
Ha ha ha give me head
So come with me
And we'll share a small death

We'll bang bang bang
Til we blow the whole clip
Such a big gun
Makes my pussy so wet

Feel it deep inside my Bread
I found you
Squeeze, please me in my sleep
I need you to
Destroy me

Draining my tub everyday
I'm shocked
but not electrified

Filling it up gets you down
Let's turn that around